My LEEWS Assessment

What it is:

LEEWS stands for legal essay writing system. It is 8+ hours of law school exam tips and a demonstration of a method for approaching law school final exams.

The Verdict: WIN

Obviously I have not applied the principles taught but I intend to work my 1L studies around the LEEWS method. I can see how the issues and suggestions brought up can be helpful. Most importantly, it has given me direction. My biggest fear as a 1L is to figure out in November that I’ve been spinning my wheels.


I casually jotted some notes that I thought would be useful for me in recalling some of the important lessons emphasized. I intend to listen to LEEWS once more (a couple of weeks into law school) and will probably reference back to this post for some guidance.

LEEWS (short version) Notes

    • Step 1 – The planning phase
    • Conflict paring, who is against who, and what does each side want?
    • Step 2 – assign legal issues to the conflict pair
    • Step 3 – UBE list and analyze each element
    • BRIEFING METHOD: More thinking, less scribbling. Write less. But pursue cases further, read dissenting opinions and similar cases. 2 sentence breif.

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