Off the radar

I’m back. The past year and a half has been a whirlwind. I told myself that I would blog but it has been impossible to keep up with anything. So I make no apologies, but still hoping to document what I can.

Well, I’m a 3L now. To properly document my journey, I will try to sum up some events that happened during the last four semesters.

1L Spring

I started dating this person… he became my best friend. I was still struggling to keep up in my classes and hold down things at home.

Summer rising 2L

After having received three offers, I accepted an offer to work at the in-house legal department of a very large telecommunication company. This was actually a very worthwhile experience since I learned that in-house counsel actually work very hard. I also worked with someone, a law school acquaintance, who I thought was my friend but really turned out to be a really selfish, reckless person who is no longer in the legal profession. He did graze the pages of the ABA journal and the legal gossip blogs before making his way out.

Fall 2L

Quite possibly the worst semester of my life. I traveled to Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Tampa, Miami, Harrisburg, and D.C. to sit for over thirty interviews to search for a legal job. At the end of the interview season, I was fortunate to receive nine callbacks and three offers. I got a job, but mostly did poorly in my classes.

I really lucked out. I am infinitely grateful for my partner’s support.

Spring 2L

I made the mistake of taking 16 credits and becoming the Editor-in-Chief of my journal. Sometimes I went days without showering.

Summer rising 3L

This was a very difficult summer. I had significant tension with my child’s father. He was going through some personal things and decided to make me his emotional punching bag. My partner was studying for the bar. I was working 70-80 hours per week. My mom, who I was staying with this summer, had extended family at her house. It was too busy to be relaxing when I wasn’t working. It was probably the most difficult summer of my life.

The best part of the last eighteen months or so is that I received a job offer for when I graduate. I am part of the lucky few that has an offer.  I know way too many law school peers who do not have an offer. At fear of turning this into a gloomy post, I will say that I probably would have reconsidered my decision to come to law school if I realized what kind of a risk this was. Nevertheless, all is well that ends well. Right? On to Fall 3L. Four down, two to go.