I’m Back. Graduated, Barred, and Plus One. What now?

Confession time. When I drafted my last post, I was actually pregnant. My second little trooper joined us in April of 2013 (Yay!). Needless to say my last year of law school was an absolute whirlwind. I had the great privilege of studying for the bar with a 3 month old and very little sleep. Things are finally starting to settle down now.  Last year I both graduated from law school and became barred in my home state. I am officially an attorney* now. My second trooper is one year old and I am currently studying for a second bar in another state. The plan is to keep my options open down the line.

I’ve learned so much the past 4 years; I had a growth spurt. Originally, my plan was to document my journey through law school. But my journey became so arduous and time intensive that I could not find the time to document the experience anymore. I cannot yet say that I have arrived at my destination. I simply arrived at a spot where I am able to continue my documenting.

Becoming an attorney is actually just the beginning for me. I will say that I am very grateful for where I am right now. I am married to the love of my life, which I met at law school. I have two perfect children, and the job of my dreams in a profession and practice area that compliments my skill set, desire to learn, and my fluid, ever-changing goals.

My partner and I, having both chosen the same high cost profession, happen to be loaded up with a little bit of debt. (ok it’s actually a lot of debt). My plan for the next four years is to liberate us from these shackles and continue to find joy and meaning in our lives. “What does that even mean?”, you ask. Well, right now it means that we will be making some big sacrifices to pay off our debt a la Mr. Money Mustache. Stay tuned.


* What is an attorney, anyway? (blog post forthcoming)