Immunization Blues

So moving to another state is proving just as difficult as it sounds. Law school is requiring an immunization form to be filled out by each incoming student. I’ve had all of my immunizations but my pediatrician is no longer in business (possibly not even alive), and my undergrad university LOST MY FILE!!! So far I have called three Primary Care Physicians to see if they can test for positive titers(?) (proof of my immunizations in my blood) and two doctor’s are closed and the other referred me to the health department. After calling the health department I was told that they don’t test for MMR and polio titers, only tuberculosis titers. At this point I’m going to SCREAM. I realize that I don’t have to fix this over night but I have one month! I have one month to find a doctor, to recommend a lab to wait for my results to complete this form and to send it to the law school.

Add to this the fact that I had to have trooper’s medical file copied for his new pediatrician, send immunization forms to his new school and have a medical evaluation filled out.

I have one month to finalize my divorce and to change my name with Social Security Administration, driver’s license, and hope that it doesn’t affect the distribution of my financial aid. Meanwhile I am sitting behind a desk at my job waiting for time to pass so that I can finally start resolving some of these issues.