I still love it here

This will probably read like random sentences thrown together.

It is 34 degrees outside.I love it here. Not the temperature. But the leaves are red and yellow. I’ve never seen anything like it. Where to start?? Trooper was stung by a bee yesterday. He is ok, I applied ice, toothpaste to dry out the venom and some Benadryl. We are going to a Halloween festival today in the downtown area. He will be spiderman this year. He’s excited. Two weeks ago he had a stomach virus. He threw up 6 times in one day. The SAME day my 8 page paper was due and the SAME day I had a midterm. Yes that was an interesting day. But like many days… we got through it.

My family is coming to visit next week. My schedule has been insane.Last week I fell into a small rift of depression. I haven’t been out in so long. I’m feeling kind of lonely…. I’m having trouble keeping up with my assigned reading and I have a 20 page paper due next week. finals are officially 2 months away and I am not anywhere near where I need to be. I really wanted to focus on reading some E & Es and hornbooks. But where oh where to find the time??

Taking a step back from it all. I’m still happy to be here. I still feel lucky to have given a chance to start over. The people here are generally very friendly. And there are a few people I’ve met in DC that I keep in touch with online.

I am officially half way through the semester, and really just trying to hang on. After this 20 page paper is due. I want to complete my outlines and focus on taking at least 3 exams a week.

Got to run, trooper has tennis lessons and its breakfast time.



Ok I have no time to blog but since I promised i would I will mak ethis a quickie.

  1. I have a midterm next week. its ungraded but I am treating it seriously with supplements, outlining and rereading of GTM.
  2. I’m missing 3 classes next week to fly to Miami to finally divorce the world biggest asshole. <this is the win of the year>
  3. I’ve made more progress on “finding” myself this past month than I have the last 3 years.
  4. I’m happy. Tired but happy.

sleep time.

Immunization Blues

So moving to another state is proving just as difficult as it sounds. Law school is requiring an immunization form to be filled out by each incoming student. I’ve had all of my immunizations but my pediatrician is no longer in business (possibly not even alive), and my undergrad university LOST MY FILE!!! So far I have called three Primary Care Physicians to see if they can test for positive titers(?) (proof of my immunizations in my blood) and two doctor’s are closed and the other referred me to the health department. After calling the health department I was told that they don’t test for MMR and polio titers, only tuberculosis titers. At this point I’m going to SCREAM. I realize that I don’t have to fix this over night but I have one month! I have one month to find a doctor, to recommend a lab to wait for my results to complete this form and to send it to the law school.

Add to this the fact that I had to have trooper’s medical file copied for his new pediatrician, send immunization forms to his new school and have a medical evaluation filled out.

I have one month to finalize my divorce and to change my name with Social Security Administration, driver’s license, and hope that it doesn’t affect the distribution of my financial aid. Meanwhile I am sitting behind a desk at my job waiting for time to pass so that I can finally start resolving some of these issues.

Hour Glass and Prep

The Hour Glass and the Trooper

It is staring at me in the face. I have this constant hour-glass resting on my shoulder continuously reminding me that the days are flying like hours. Moving to another state is just as overwhelming as it sounds and perhaps even more so when you are accompanied by a little trooper. The little trooper needs a school, a back-up sitter, a pediatrician, his own bedroom, a consistent regimen, and lots of attention. All of this rests in my hands. I’ve made great progress since January and as the date draws closer I feel more confident about my decision to pursue this endeavor and my ability to see it through. Execution in T minus 2 months.

0L Prep

Despite of the fact that many have cautioned against it (0L prep), just as many have sworn by it. So I’ve made my decision and decided that I would rather err on the side of trying than living in any post-mortem/exam regret. So here is my plan:

  1. GTM – Recommended by everyone on TLS
  2. LEEWs – Recommended by “Arrow” on TLS
  3. Sum & Substance (overview of 1L classes), follow-up on Cali.org  – Recommended by “MarkTwain” on TLS | Law Preview (updated 6/09) see this post.
  4. Design a hybrid strategy from the following users: Wahoo1L, Arrow, xeoh85, Scribe, JayCutler’sCombover

You may notice that this list is much less content based and much more useful for exam strategy. That said, I am really itching to get started and hit the ground running when I get into law school. I know that I will be just as lost as every other 1L but at the very least I won’t have the nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I could have done something to help organize or direct my confusion in some way.